Top Rochester NY Product Liability Lawyer

Thomas R. Monks
I have over 20 years experience with Personal Injury related cases. The types of cases I have handled include: Auto/motor vehicle accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Slip and fall accidents, Dog bite/dog attack cases, Construction accidents, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Nursing home liability, and Defective and dangerous products.
Address : 183 East Main Street Suite 1400, Rochester, NY 14604
Phone : (585) 232-3900

Faraci Lange
Faraci Lange is a Rochester-based firm of lawyers specializing in Personal Injury Law. Our attorneys practice in the following areas of personal injury law: Auto accidents, Construction accidents, Defective product claims, Medical malpractice, Premises liability, Toxic Chemical exposure, Workers compensation, Defective drug claims, Death claims and No-fault insurance.
Address : 28 East Main Street Suite 1100, Rochester, NY 14614
Phone : (585) 325-5150

Woods Oviatt
Woods Oviatt has been serving the Rochester Community since 1852. We represent a broad spectrum of clients, from major corporations and financial institutions to family-owned businesses and private individuals; from high-technology and industrial enterprises to construction firms; from real estate developers to educational institutions and charities.
Address : 2 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614
Phone : (585) 987.2800

Phillips Lytle
At Phillips Lytle, we pride ourselves on being a multi-faceted law firm – strong in a wide range of practice areas and nimble enough to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations. We’ve been practicing law for more than 175 years.
Address : 1400 First Federal Plaza, Rochester, NY 14614-1935
Phone : (585) 238-2000

Dennis Herron & Associates
Since 1991, Dennis Herron & Associates have been seeking justice for clients and winning significant settlements. Our experience with Mesothelioma cases, Personal injury, Lead Paint poisoning can be used to win your case. Types of cases: Asbestos Poisoning, Lead Paint Poisoning, Workplace Injury, and Defective Product Damage.
Address : 2180 Moneroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14534
Phone : (585) 244-6000